Embed News Partners

Our daily news feed during the embed, featuring stories, blogs, photos, video and, occasionally, audio, found wide circulation. Several news organizations, notably the Anchorage Daily News, created online pages dedicated to UAF's Shorttimers project. Others published select stories and presented them alongside other military and international news.

These links remain active:

The Dispatch devoted a section of its online pages to the team's blog posts.  

Jenny's radio reports reached a statewide audience via Alaska Public Radio Network

Our reports not only showed up in the printed pages of Alaska's largest daily, the newspaper's online edition  hosts a Shorttimers page, offering a full multi-media collection. This site remains the best overall package of the team's reporting through commercial news partners.

Alaska's top-rated TV station picked up Jessica's video packages and presented many of the team's print reports.
Watch Jess "take a few" for the team. Some day her "smack-down" stand up in this one will be famous.

Fairbanks-Daily News-Miner, voice of the brigade's hometown in Interior Alaska, gave several of our print stories front page treatment. Reflecting its audience, the paper's website garnered more reader feedback than any other outlet. Changes in the paper's online server subsequently invalidated many of the links. These remain good: 

Alas, as far as can be determined, no active links remain on these partner sites.