Monday, July 20, 2009

The Basics: What's Going On

Unless you know one of us personally, it’s likely that you’re a bit in the dark about the fundamentals of our expedition. Here’s what you need to know to understand what’s going on:

There are a lot of finer details, but those are the broad strokes, and they should be enough to get you by. Please understand that the reason we aren’t always forthcoming with exact dates, locations, and other specifics is that the military, the university, and our families are all concerned with our safety and the safety of those around us during our time overseas. Loose lips sink ships, and all that.

What we don't have to be skittish about (and neither do you) is sharing this blog with others who might be interested. The blog is super easy to update (I can actually do it from my phone via text message!), and it will be our most reliable communication link while we're abroad. We're excited about this, and we want as many people on board as possible. Tell your friends!


  1. This is AMAZING.... and I thought hanging out in a Stryker while they were running training exersizes at Ft. Wainwright was cool. You guys really have a chance of a lifetime here. Please take advantage of it!

    -Ginny Tschanz, UAF Journalism Alumni '05

  2. Your courage and enthusiasm to report from Iraq are inspirational. I will be following your report and sharing them with my friends and family. My brother served with the 1/25 (Deuce Four Stryker Brigade from Ft. Lewis) as a Stryker driver. You are blessed to be embedded with a Stryker Brigade. Stay safe, and keep the reports coming.
    -Jennifer MackInday
    author, Friends for Life: Strangers Brought Together by the War in Iraq

  3. What an incredible experience for all of you! I am an OIF Veteran who spent time in the Diyala Province ( I was in the Army Band and we played a concert for the Iraqi people at the Governance Center in Baqubah) and I am starting my degree in Journalism at UAF this fall. It touches my heart to see my past and future collide and it makes me very excited about the Journalism program at UAF! Stay safe and enjoy your time there, it really is an opportunity of a lifetime!!

    -Amanda Burns, US Army Veteran

  4. My son Joseph Adams is at Warhorse with A Co 1-25 Strykers out of Wainwright if you see him or Steve McDevitt tell them his dad says hi and to keep thier melons down and covered. Please tell them to stay safe. Thank you.