Monday, August 10, 2009

Current Coverage of Embed Project

The Short Timer's blog is only a slice of the stories UAF-Journalism's embedded students are working on. Media networks from across the globe have not only been covering their progress through interviews but also publishing the works of our embedded students on their websites. To date, this is the current extent of the coverage with articles written by our team highlighted in red:
Outside Alaska:

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  1. Hello Tom,

    I have enjoyed reading your articles because they give a great feel for the places you are going. You seem to be focusing as much on the "color" as the facts which, for us back home is what makes these articles real. The "little" incidents are what we, the reader will remember. Thanks.

    As far as your comments about the borrowed body armour...don't worry about looking "bad-assed". With a curling broom and those little curling rocks, you look just fine. And just keep in mind the cool, cool ice while you are in the heat.

    Ellen Weiser