Monday, August 3, 2009

Saying Yes

The whole summer people have been asking me why I want to do this. I didn’t have a single answer. There are so many reasons. Somehow, travelling to Iraq, I found one to sum it up.

I was watching the movie Yes Man on the flight from Minnesota to Amsterdam. The film’s premise is saying yes to any opportunity that presents itself.

In the beginning, the main character (played by Jim Carrey) goes out of his way to escape from doing things. He makes up stories to avoid his friends. Instead he sits at home and watches rental movies.

At some point, a friend from high school invites Carrey to a motivational seminar. After the seminar, he begins his journey as a yes man.

During Carrey’s encounters he finds himself in situations he would never normally accept. If he refuses to say “yes” to the opportunity, something bad happens. Through trial and error, he finds saying “yes” brings good fortune.

This trip is not a movie and something could go horribly wrong. But if I said “no” to opportunities like this, what would I miss? And… I wouldn’t have cool stories to tell the grandkids.

~Jessica Hoffman

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